Locker lock L130


This fingerprint lock can be used in office drawers etc. No key required and you won’t have to worry about forgetting the key. Semiconductor fingerprint sensor, 360 degree recognition. Can be charged via USB.


Suitable for office drawer cabinet.

Smart fingerprint drawer lock, convenient to use.

Semiconductor fingerprint sensor, 360 ° recognition.

Three-color LED indicator, easy to operate.

With USB charging port, easy to charge.


Model: L130

Material: ABS

Black colour

Unlock mode: fingerprint

Battery: 200 mAh

Fingerprint capacity: 20

Fingerprint: semiconductor sensor

Reading time: 0.3 seconds

Working power: built-in lithium battery

Working temperature: -20 ~ 65 ° C

Application: cabinets, drawers

Package size: 15.3 * 10.2 * 4.1cm / 6.02 * 4.02 * 1.61in

Package weight: 169 g / 5.96 oz

Manual description:

1. By default, each fingerprint can be unlocked.

2. Enter your fingerprint

Keep pressing the fingerprint sensor until the blue LED flashes, then remove the fingerprint, the blue LED is on, then enter your fingerprint 5 times. If the entry is successful, the blue LED will flash once each time. After 5 times, the green LED flashes for 1 second, indicating that the fingerprint has been successfully entered. The first three fingerprints are administrators.

3. Enter more fingerprints

First, enter admin to verify and then you can add user fingerprint.

Package list:

1 * Fingerprint Lock

1 * Installation kit bag

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