Access control AC100/200

TT Lock Access control

TT lock wall reader

TT encoder

The smartLock controller is a solution that allows the user to open a given passage using the received code, a properly programmed MiFare card or telephone via Bluetooth technology.

The controller is resistant to weather conditions, so it can be mounted outside.

Dimensions (H / W / H) 79 mm x 125 mm x 15.5 mm

Material:  Aluminum frame / tempered glass panel

Communication: Bluetooth 4.1

Supporting systems: Android 4.3 / IOS7.0 and higher

Standby current 5mA

Working current 1A

12V power supply

Unlocking time 1.5S

Waterproof level: IP66

Memory capacity: 20,000 Cards

Technical Specifications:

opening with a code, MiFare card, bluetooth technology

backlit keyboard

bell function

resistance to weather conditions

application management – granting / removing permissions, access to the history of events

Ways to open the lock:

Opening with the MiFare card – the card is programmed by holding the card to the controller and selecting the appropriate option in the application installed on the administrator’s phone.

Opening with a code – the access code is added via the application and can be sent as a text message.

Opening via Bluetooth – the user has to download the application and then gain access to the controller from the administrator.

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